Monday, December 21, 2009

in an open relationship

actually i read it from somewhere but i forgot where..huhu..but sharing is caring right?

so this is about 'an open relationship' which we can see in FB profile..which i think not many people aware what is the real meaning of this kind of r/ship and suka2 selected this as their r/ship status and which is very funny if they actually in an open r/ship they also dont want to admit(kecuali org putih kali). ialah..siapa yg maw ngaku dia buat salah kan?hehe.

this is the definition.

An open relationship is essentially having your cake and eating it too, romantically speaking. When two people agree to be in an open relationship, they admit they love and care about each other but mutually agree that they want to see other people too. Oftentimes those in an open relationship consider themselves to be in love with each other, but they can have lesser attachments and sexual relationships outside of their main love interest without any ill effects on their primary relationship.

hahahaha!very the dangerous owh~can have sexual r/ship with others?wooo..shiook o lelaki if like that.

p/s: jamilah...hehehe..


  1. wow.. i like

    status : In a open relationship


  2. astaga..itu ka plak mksudnya..bru sy tau huhuhu

  3. arif gila ko..kestawu miss K nati..hehehe.

  4. lee.c jamila tu pnya status gtu..hahaha.

  5. sdar plak sy..adui..nsib baik sy tdk pernah letak tu hahahaha..

  6. Salam Epa, da org open relationship..single dan status for viewers..terutama kat facebook...
    salam ziarah fro Cik Areja :)

  7. hi Cik Areja :)
    huhu.arap la kan open dlm status FB ja..bkn dlm real world.(tp mcm bes ja kalo real world pun) hahaha.

  8. uy, haha!!aku pun nataw mcm pr0file aku buli jdi gtu smpi aku heran napa ada nama aku situ ko type..rupa2nya.haha..



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