Saturday, May 30, 2009

a dozen mans share one brain

i had finish read this novel last night with only satu-kali-duduk ja...wa its been like 2 years oredi i cant finish reading A novel but cuti skola yg boring pnya psl las nite was a miracle!hahahaha. i know that is teenage novel but im just 22 and still a teenager.hohoho.the story was very very interesting and meaningful until i cant wait for next day to finish the ending..and i love the quote

"a dozen mans share one brain"

sometimes they are sooo sooo stupid and cant see what a woman had sacrifice and did for them but sometimes ja la...ada juga tu sudenly they are very nice and undrstanding..people said its hard to understand woman kan...but its also hard to undertstand a man...i think.who with me?huhu.
ok about the story..ada 3 girlfrens tgh berusaha2 maw meng-urat laki2 idaman dorng...the girls yg brusaha dan sngsara brbs tp the boys mcm xda feeling sad for a woman.wuwu.dorng pnya relationship pun kurang2 suda psl saturang kwn dorng c izzie fkir psl laki idaman dia ja..neglected her the last part is a satisfaction for me..they realized any man should not break them apart so dia x brapa layan lg laa that boy..last2 laki tu yg tkjar2 dia.hoho.idup ppuan!har.har.har.
kpd boys out there..not that i hate you all...instead i oredi lost in love with one of you hahahahaha i just say out my opinion hehe.

wah.1st entry psl educational i am~~~~(0.o)v

Friday, May 29, 2009


hahahahahahahahahahaha~wut a beautifyl day~


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