Sunday, December 20, 2009

i present to you...

my masakan!

this is my first attempt to cook for this semester or..... maybe for this year. or maybe this last 2 years hahaha actually i didnt remeber when was the last time i cook (er.of course not including maggy mee).hahaha. what i really sure is the last time i try to cook was an instant dishes. (you know the maggy packet that already have all the ingredients, you just need to add some bawang and halia and etc. and then you just follow the instruction one by one) but i failed also.there must be something wrong with me the instruction.

so last night, i tried to enhance my skills in cooking. i got the recipe book from kicap ABC. our family's favourite kicap in the world.hehe.

the dishes supposed to look like this...

daging ala kandar.

but mine turn out to be like this...







HAHAHAHA! daging ala t***.

wuwuwuwu T__T this is why i have no motivation to cook..maybe i was born without the ability..or maybe my fate already written i cant cook..hahaha.

the worst part is when all of us eating together si adek keep on praising my masakan and say like

"wah.special o masakan kepa"

and after some time. he said...

"sedapnya daging ni.boleh buat restoran suda"

and then not long after that..


he is the only one eating dgn penuh selera.hahahaha.and i felt very very tersindir! waaaaaaFree Blinkies

never mind..still got time bha kan?

fredo. you dont worry!hahaha.

practice make perfect.



  1. wuah... It looks like kuah kacang~! It really looks yummy to me, being a kuah kacang slave hohoho Besides, maybe Adek was being honest. Kesian dia ko salah sangka huhu

  2. kalo sedap mst habis sampai skg lum habis..umi modified suda supaya laku tp nda laku jg T___________T kasihan sayaaa...adek mmg gtu.agak kejam.hahaha.

  3. ui epa..ok pun tu..mcm sdap jg..nda hbs ka..ko pos dlu p cni :P

  4. hahahaha.nda sedap la lee...nda la trlampau teruk smpi dorang suma org paksa makan ja..aku pun paksa ja..huhu..kecuali c adek.haha

  5. HAHHAAH> apa ko masak ni gem. HAHAHHAA

  6. fare..rugi ko nda dpt mkn..hahahaha.kalo nda pasti ko igt smpi bila2..huhuhu.



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