Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear God, tlg turunkan salji d msia~ come msia have no winter season?i can imagine how this life can be more wonderful and joyful with snow fall down from the sky!!

we can lying down and dancing on the snow feeling the cold. we can play with the white and beautiful snow. we can throw the snow to our fren let them feel the pain and coldness. we can scrub the snow to our frens ear so they cannot feel their ear anymore.haha.
we can play the gelungsur using pelampung eventhough it will hurt our back.huhu. we can build an iglu and use them when we are cold like want to die. and many more excitement!!

i wish there are snow in malaysia!!amin.

kami bkn d snoworld, gnting.haha.

smthing that i wonder..
napa mkn aiskrim ketika sejuk akan menyebabkan bdan kita lebih warm r?

other pics from genting highland last holiday below...we were lucky there were not so so many but still many la but not too many people when we were there. so we have enough time but not enough money to try all the ride.haha.
even the rides in ancol,jakarta are better and thriller a little but genting has the amazing indoor park! jgn tanya knapa muka fredo gitu.aku pun xtaw.

basah after main lupa-da-nama-dia.kalo d medan kena pgl water-jumping.haha.

ntahla anak sepaka ini.

topi yg mkn org.

from left; epa,saudara-naimah,naimah.haha!

you rox!


  1. mmg la suka minta yg aneh2..haha!!
    nmpk keboroian ko,haha
    uy npa nama aku jamilah jamidung?

  2. tiapa.naima pun nmpk boroi jd aku nda brapa malu.haha palui!

  3. mcm sama ni muka ko n naima (yg d snow) hoho

    p/s: semoga malaysia tiba2 belayar jauh dr garisan khatulistiwa...



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