Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the truth is out there....somewhere.

last friday i was in sipitang for bazilah's cousin's wedding. overnight there.

all her family were very very sporting and shiok..i enjoy all moment there including when we were in mission potong daging for the kenduri. huhu. we were gathering at nenek's house that night and berjemaah sleeping. and i sleep with all the enjoyness.


and then the same time, different day(next day), different place (kota marudu), gathering with sedara2 at kg damai but with very different feeling..sadness.

one of my sedara had passed away leaving a wife and 5 young-kids. without any critical sickness before this. the pembuluh darah was stuck (the doctor said). it was very very very (unlimited very) sad and made me realize how this life can change witout prior notice or warning. and i sleep that night with sadness.


"mati adalah benar
neraka adalah benar
syurga adalah benar
hisab adalah benar
munkar nankir adalah benar"

p/s mari bdoa utk kwarga allahyarham sntiasa tabah dan bjaya dlm hidup.

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