Wednesday, March 17, 2010

f*** my life

blogwalking just now and found this f*** my life site in jacq bini wey's blog:

after reading and laughing their stories, they made me Thanking God. my life is not so wonderful but luckyly not terrible like them.

dont know if it is true story or not. but most of the stories are funny and fucking stupid. hahaha. my favourite:

  • Today, I was walking with my girlfriend of a year and a half on the beach. Everything was fine until she saw a plane with a banner behind it saying "Cassie, will you marry me?" She said yes. I didn't order a plane. FML

  • Today, I lost my phone. I tried to call it using my husband's phone, but couldn't figure out which of the three Kates in the contact list was me.Turns out, two are co-workers and one is his aunt. I was listed under Satan. FML

  • Today, I was so bored I googled the word "bored". The results were boring.FML


my most favourite hehe:

happy family :D especially the daughter~


  1. anak pmpuan tu yg kiut..hahahaha...terus teringat russell peters..hehehe

  2. russel peter yg lucu+lucah! hahaha.

  3. gitu ka ko dan family ko nanti bila dah kawin? aku amat galakkan ko pakai kostum mcm tu....hahahaha



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