Thursday, June 21, 2012


NO ONE told us that sleeping in train is not comfortable at all. with goyang sini goyang sana, noise some more, its totally different than what I imagine when reading novel or watching movie that have train scene. haha. (useful tips: please ensure your bed is in the middle of the couch when booking online.)

zombie nda cukup tidur haha

NO ONE told us that the bed is smallll. but that one, logic bha kan. kehkeh

the first train paling nda selesa with the bau from the tilam. but the second one, better. 

NO ONE told us that TRANSFORMERS RIDE is very very very amazing. (but not that amazing after we stumbled something similar ride just at the siring jalan in seoul. haha) but the quality of course la USS manang.

eiiiii baru lepas teriak-teriak dengan tangan berpeluh pasal nevessss. hoho

NO ONE told us (valid only at the time, and i dont know now) train from KL-SPORE have to stop somewhere in Johor because of the rail was broken. so we need to take bus for about 1hour and half and continue our journey by train again. lucky us we arrived earlier at KL sentral so we have time to wander around and thats when we knew about the broken railway.

NO ONE told us that the bus stop for USS is not at the woodland train station, but at the woodland LRT station. we was waiting there for about 1hour before knowing the truth. huh.

NO ONE told us that KL sentral has tempat mandi and library. thank god there is tempat mandi, so we have the chance to take bath at least once for our 3D2N trips. hahaha

rugi kaki ni dapat tuan macam ni haha

NO ONE told us that backpacking (is that backpacking or homeless vacation hahaha, the one that you just sleep at the train for 2 nights in a row, you didnt check in at any hotel) is not very siok but its worth the experience and of course the money. hehehe. we went to KL early friday morning, sleep at the train on our way to spore, reach there at 6 am, go to uss, then merlion for awhile, going back to msia at 11pm, reach kl at 6am and fly to KK at 11am on sunday. very cheapskate!! :D

fendy, youre blessing from Allah. my travel buddy, my bestfriend, my husband dunia and akhirat. amin. 

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