Saturday, September 5, 2009

how to go to sipadan-mabul island

1st step- call and book with uncle chang's sipadan mabul dive lodge. if want to go to sipadan you need to book earlier because they limit people that can go there.

this is the lodge look like..not very comfortable (but ngam la with the price kan) but enough to full fill our daily toilet, bed, some room with fan and aircon and some only fan, and the the price also inclusive food! not very very good food yg syukur2 la ada la.

2nd step- go to semporna by bus or flight. if using flight you just arive at tawau so you need to take taxi or mini bus to go to semporna.

we choose 'manis express' as our transportation because it is the only company that can give us discount.haha.

3rd step- go to uncle chang office (just beside dragon inn the floating resort) and fill in some form.

in front of their office. prepare to be burn by sun so dont forget your sun block!!

4th step- they will bring you to mabul using speed boat.

1 hour in boat from semporna to mabul. you can cuci mata looking at the orang putih.haha :D

5th step- arrive at can fuel up your energy first with their breakfast meal. and then you can make decision whether you want to snokeling at mabul island, kapalai island, mataking island. if you want to go to other island you need to pay extra but if you just stay at mabul (like us) it is also ok and it is still worth. you just to rent their snokeling gear and they will bring you to at least 2 spot of snokeling place.

the scene that you can see. this picture is not very clear. excuse my camera for being not too clear.

the guide also can help you if you are not very yakin in the sea.

6th step- after tired snokeling you can relax by walking along the beach and cuci mata with all the expensive hotel around uncle chang. and also you can buy souvenir from the village near the lodge. enjoy your night with their band. take a sleep to prepare yourself before going to sipadan next day!!!we cannot sleep at sipadan so we just go there early in the morning and come back to mabul at about 4pm.

do not take anything home. 1st time touching patrick star but have to return back to the sea.

ignore the monster wearing pink short. haha. just focus at the scene at the back.

7th step- go to sipadan!!!!

the real view is 100000000x times better than this pic. haish. i have to find sponsor for new cam.

sipadan island from outside view.

father and son is mandi laut when lunch break. you can not swim to far from the shore.

you will find hundreds different fish when snokeling here. you will be very very very amazed!no words can describe. cewah!

8th step- prepare to going back to semporna with marvelous experience that you can never be forget until die!!!if you want to stay longer at mabul can can go to other island.



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